5 ideas for your Lost Stock box

Soon your Lost Stock box will be on its way to you. 

We hope you love your new items and with 50% off RRP you can be sure you got a great bargain. However, if there’s anything that’s not quite your style, we have a few suggestions. 

We’d encourage you not to return your items as we don’t want products to end up in a landfill if it can be avoided. Here are some fun ideas.




1) Zoom clothes swap

Zoom quizzes are getting a bit stale for some, why not arrange a Zoom clothes swap! You can grab a glass of wine and model your favourite items, then you can make the exchange once lockdown ends. It means your clothes will go to a loving home, plus you’ll get some new outfits for summer. It’s great for the environment and a really fun way to hang out with friends. 


2) Get crafty

If your clothes fit well but you want to make them a little more unique then embellishing them with buttons, some seams or even some embroidery are great ways to make your purchases one of a kind.

Here are some resources to get going


3) Quilt up

Quilting is having a comeback. These times are anxiety-inducing for so many of us and sometimes having a bigger hands-on project to ground yourself can really help. Why not think about making a quilt?

Here are some resources to get going:


4) Make facemasks


There are some great templates online so you can make facemasks that look great.


5) Donate

We’re currently working on finding a donation partner so you can donate your clothes and do even more to help...

Stay tuned!

If you have any other ideas of things you can do then just let us know - we’d love to hear them.


Image credit: Unsplash


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