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When you order from Lost Stock, you are making a difference. We hope you love the clothes in your Lost Stock delivery. If not everything is quite to your taste, we've put together a guide to the best ways you can continue to make a positive impact on the world with your Lost Stock items, and let the story continue.

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If there are any Lost Stock items you don't love - someone else might! Try donating your clothes to a charity or local shelter that needs supplies. Many local charities are still looking for items, and it can make a world of difference to people in need.

We are partnering with British Heart Foundation to make it really easy to send any unwanted items from your Lost Stock box (or the rest of your wardrobe!) to them. It's a simple process, and you're making a massive difference to help stop heartbreak forever. See more about the Lost Stock x British Heart Foundation partnership here.

We have also created an overview of local, national and international charities who accept clothing donations here - including instructions on how best to deliver your items.

Another option is to contact local organisations, including women's or family shelters, refugee action groups or support organisations that help homeless or vulnerable people. Donating items or even offering to buy gift cards they can redeem themselves can be very helpful. More information here.

"I was able to easily redeem the gift cards online thanks to your advice. These were purchased by a kind member of the public who chose to donate them to our charity and the contents of these boxes will go a long way to supporting our vulnerable client group at this time."

West Lothian Women's Aid

Remember: Don't leave unrequested donations at the doorstep of charity shops, and be mindful of COVID-19 safety measures when donating clothes.


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  One of the best ways of making your clothes last longer is by swapping. There are lots of ways of doing this, from informal swaps with your friends or family, to using some of the swapping platforms out there.

Lost Stock has partnered with two amazing swapping platforms, and because we know you're keen to make a difference as well as getting a great deal, we've arranged some tempting offers for when you first start using them.

The Nu Wardrobe

Lost Stock partners Nuw Nuw is a clothes sharing app and community on a mission to reduce fashion’s environmental impact by giving new life to the clothes that already exist in our wardrobes. With Nuw you can borrow and lend beautiful clothes that aren’t getting the love they deserve, or permanently swap pieces you are ready to part with and find something ‘nuw' to you.
For a £7.99 monthly membership fee, users can access an unlimited wardrobe and discover new pieces for free. Lost Stock users in the UK and Ireland get an incredible 2 months free membership, with unlimited swapping. You can use it for any Lost Stock items you want to swap, as well as other clothes in your wardrobe that aren't getting maximum mileage. Saving the planet never looked so good.

See more or sign up on their website here.


Swopped is a new way to swop clothes which enables you to keep your wardrobe fresh! Instead of buying new clothes you can send unwanted ones to Swopped and swap out new ones. If you get bored of your swapped clothes you can swap them again!

Lost Stock customers get their first month's membership at a 40% discount, and only pay P&P for any swaps.  Just use the code loststock at checkout.

See more or sign up on their website here. 

Share with friends or in your community

You don't have to use swapping platforms to spread the joy of Lost Stock items. Lots of people have told us they are organising Lost Stock unwrapping events on Zoom, over WhatsApp or even in parks and gardens all over the country. A hot tip: Save opening your Lost Stock parcel, so you can all find out together - and use #loststock to share the fun on social media.

You can also join sharing groups on Facebook, like:

This community group set up specifically for Lost Stock

Or this one

They aren't organised by us - it is just one of the many great community initiatives we've seen!


Bangladeshi textile worker

If an item is not quite your style, that doesn't mean you have to give up on it! There are so many ways you can tweak or upcycle your clothes. We're partnering with some great creative influencers who will give you lots of ideas and tips on what to do to make the most out of your wardrobe. Watch this space!

Our team has also been getting creative: Have a look at CTO Jamie's best tips for what to do with the items in your Lost Stock box here, and 5 other crafty suggestions here

And we can also recommend LoveYourClothes.org for some great ideas on how to refashion and upcycle your items.

Lost Stock upcycling

Other ideas 

We'd love to hear more suggestions for your Lost Stock items. Do you have ideas we should consider? Do you know of any partners we should work with to continue to make a big impact on the world? Contact impact@loststock.com and we'll get working on it.

Continue to make a difference

Each Lost Stock box supports a family of four in Bangladesh for one week. If you can, consider buying another Lost Stock box which will have other products you might love - try a different colourway or style this time! 

We are also hoping to extend the product range to help with other stock that has been cancelled. If you’re interested in other product options, please let us know here.


By continuing to make an impact with your Lost Stock box instead of returning it, you’re helping our mission to help as many people in Bangladesh as possible. Together we can save workers from starvation - it really makes a difference.


Amazing clothes from popular brands at a great price.

Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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