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Lost Stock has partnered with Nuw to allow the clothes you receive to enjoy a longer life and continue their story. 

Nuw is a clothes sharing app and community on a mission to reduce fashion’s environmental impact by giving new life to the clothes that already exist in our wardrobes. Sign up on www.thenuwardrobe.com

With Nuw you can borrow and lend beautiful clothes that aren’t getting the love they deserve. Excitingly, you can also permanently swap pieces you are ready to part with and find something ‘nuw' to you.

Lost Stock partners with Nuw to give your clothes a longer story
For a £7.99 monthly membership fee, users can access an unlimited wardrobe and discover new pieces for free. And best of all - Lost Stock users get their first two months membership for free!

Here's how Nuw works with Lost Stock:

  • Download the Nuw app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Register on the app to become a member - as a member you can share any item in your wardrobe - not just Lost Stock clothes
  • All Nuw users get an introductory free month, but with the code LOSTSTOCK you will get another month's membership completely free. You'll only pay for membership when your first two month's are up. This offer is available until August 31, so register now!
  • Start sharing items. You can share items from Lost Stock or upload other pieces from your wardrobe for additional benefits.

To make sure every Nuw piece is of the highest quality and in excellent condition, the Nuw team approve each piece uploaded. Members are able to borrow pieces that reflect the quality of the pieces they’re sharing. Once approved, your piece will be categorised as Nuw Gold or Nuw Silver. Full guidelines are available here.

Sign up now on www.thenuwardrobe.com to get started.

Nuw - How it works
Nuw - How it works

Saving the planet never looked so good.



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Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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