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Helping workers - SAJIDA Foundation

The supply chain

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the supply chain in the retail industry.

Over $2bn USD worth of clothes orders have been cancelled in developing countries, with no payment being made to manufacturers. This means that workers aren't getting paid either. 

In Bangladesh, the garment industry accounts for 84% of the country's exports, with 2.28 million workers affected

This huge disruption in the supply chain is the reason we want to help.


Our NGO partner

We're delighted to partner with SAJIDA Foundation to donate a significant portion of each box to their mission of 'health, happiness and dignity for all'. Their work across 26 districts of Bangladesh is helping those who need it most. In response to COVID-19, their team of over 3,700 people has aided over 50,000 households with food and hygiene packages, distributed over 18,000 sets of PPE and installed 475 portable hand washing devices throughout the country, and that's not all. Each Lost Stock box sold will support a worker and their family for one week. You can find out more about their incredible efforts here or watch the video below. 





Amazing clothes from popular brands at a great price.

Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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