Transparent pricing

Our mission

The concept of Lost Stock is not to ask you just to donate.

Instead, we want to make sure you’re getting great clothes while also making a difference to the lives of factory workers and reducing the environmental impact in these worrying times. That’s why each box will contain products with an RRP worth at least double what you’ve paid for it.

To ensure a fully transparent approach, we are appointing a transparency board of senior (external) retail executives to provide oversight and regular updates.  

Price breakdown: 

We’ve committed to a pricing model that shows you exactly where the cost of a Lost Stock box goes. The below piechart shows the full breakdown of the cost of your box, after which VAT of 20% is added. 




Your Lost Stock Box*:

Transaction Charge: 3%

Our Staff Costs, Marketing & Returns: 9%

Product Costs: 30% 

Transport and Logistics: 9%

Our NGO Partner, SAJIDA Foundation: 37%

Postage: 12%

All for the total cost of £35.00 plus £3.99 shipping per box.

* The price breakdown is the target set by Lost Stock and is based on current costs creating the box. These splits may have to fluctuate depending on the sources of product. The breakdown is correct as of 14/05/2020


Amazing clothes from popular brands at a great price.

Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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