Choosing your Lost Stock box

Have you ordered from Lost Stock yet? No? If what’s holding you back is deciding on your preferences because you’re wondering what options to choose, then look no further - we're here to help!

When it comes to choosing your preferences, here’s some information about how we use the data to make a package that you’ll like. Each Lost Stock box will be personalised to your order, and we try to match your preferences as closely as possible. We don’t guarantee that every piece will be matched exactly to your taste, but we will do our best to put together a parcel that you’ll enjoy.

Think about what you usually wear (or what you’d like to wear!) and choose accordingly. Remember - we are unable to change your preferences once you’ve made your order, so make sure you’re happy with your choices before you check out.


First of all, choose if you want your order to contain womenswear or menswear. Both will contain mostly tops - if you select female, you can expect t-shirts, blouses, shirts, tank tops or singlets, and potentially a light cardigan, a sweatshirt, hoodie or jumper, or even a summer jacket/dress.

Menswear is likely to be shirts and t-shirts, there may be hoodies or sweatshirts or a good jumper. Look at your other preferences for more guidance - are you hoping for monochrome, basic tees, or colourful patterned shirts?


Because the products in your Lost Stock delivery will come from a number of different factories and because the brands the clothes were destined for have a range of size options, we are using fairly broad size options. Our size chart is available here, and for both men and women you will choose sizes from XS to XXL.

The items you’ll receive are mostly tops, so choose the size that suits you for tops. If you’re between sizes, we often recommend going up a size, for that airier, floatier look that might be preferable in summer. You can also style a slightly oversized item more easily so we’d advise you to go for something you’re most likely to be comfortable in, and if it ends up being way too big - swap with a friend, style with a belt or give it as a present to someone bigger than you!

Colour scheme

Thankfully, you don’t have to choose your favourite colour when you order from Lost Stock.

We ask about your colour preferences to make what goes into your box as similar to your preferred style as possible. We can’t guarantee a match but it gives us a good place to start. Neutrals may include whites, greys, darks and beiges, and you might also find light pastel colours or similar in a neutral box. Brights are more colourful, bringing in the stronger colour palette and more vibrant hues. Dark colours will contain black, navy and deeper, darker items, so you might also get dark blues, dark greens or similar. Take a look at your wardrobe and see what might go well with what you already have - or maybe it’s time to bring in something new?

Plain or patterned?

This question helps us select the most appropriate items for your style - do you go big and bold, or do you stay quite classic? If you choose plain it's more likely that you'll get clothes without patterns, in block colours or monochrome. If you choose a patterned style, we'll look to select clothes with a patterned element  - this could be a floral print, with spots or stripes, with a slogan or graphic as part of the design. If you really dislike any particular patterns, we’d probably recommend going for plain!

Age range

We don’t actually need to know how old you are - we just want an indication of what you would like to show up on your doorstep. When we choose the clothes to go into your delivery, we try to think about the person at the other end. We know that age is just a number, so don’t be afraid to choose exactly how old you would like to be - if you feel that you dress a little younger than your actual years, go for it, or if you’re feeling more mature, embrace that. Either way, we hope you’ll like what arrives!


Buying for someone else?

If you are wanting to give away a great present, and you’re buying a Lost Stock box for someone else - look no further than a gift card (available to recipients in the UK only). That way, your lucky recipient can choose their own options (feel free to send them to this blog post to help them on the way). If you’re confident about their style, you can always choose for them - remember, whatever they get, it will be a surprise.


We’re sure you already know all the other great reasons to buy a Lost Stock box: every time you order, you will support a family of four in Bangladesh with vital supplies like food, hygiene products and medicine, and brand new clothes that might otherwise end up in landfill will come your way at a great price.

Good luck, and whatever you choose, enjoy your Lost Stock items when they arrive!


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