Do good and feel good with Lost Stock

We’ve been really impressed over the last few weeks. We’ve had so many people get in touch with us saying they’ve ordered from Lost Stock for themselves, but they also want to do more. They want to create more impact, support more workers and make a difference.



Here are just some of the ways people are making their Lost Stock contributions go further.

Help those in need

Buy a Lost Stock gift card for a women’s refuge or family shelter.

A few of our customers have done this, and it can make a big difference to people who are struggling. They’ve contacted local shelters or support centres to ask if it is something they are interested in. Then they’ve bought one or more gift cards so that the women can choose sizes and styles themselves, or the team can order parcels on behalf of the people in need.

Another great suggestion is to see if any homeless shelters or refugee action groups in your area are seeking donations.

There are so many different organisations who need support in these challenging times, so find ones in your local community to see which ones could benefit from a Lost Stock delivery of brand new clothing.

Spread the love

We think this idea is a stroke of genius.

The other week we saw a personal trainer offering fitness classes online in return for a Lost Stock order. Each participant paid for the class by buying a Lost Stock box. We’ve also seen artists offering their paintings in exchange for a Lost Stock box.

Be a friend

Give a gift to a friend!

It’s a great idea if you want to give something a little different. Each Lost Stock order which supports a family in Bangladesh for a week makes a meaningful present as well as a brilliant surprise. Read more about the different types of people in your life who might appreciate a Lost Stock gift here.


Thank you for making a positive impact!


Image credit: Unplash


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