Helping Bangladeshi families through the current crisis

COVID-19 has changed all our lives over the last few months.


All over the world, we’re seeing the virus affecting billions of people. While some countries like New Zealand seem to be managing the spread, in Bangladesh, it’s a very different and increasingly devastating story.





The situation there is worsening. The infection rate has started to spike, but the peak could yet be some way away, with experts saying it could be closer to September before we see the maximum impact of COVID-19 in Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Out of the total 108,775 confirmed cases registered, nearly 60 percent of these were recorded in the past two weeks.*


This is especially hard on front line workers. The Bangladeshi economy is dependent on the garment industry, as well as highly reliant on remittance - money sent from families in other countries.


The economy is being hugely affected by depressed demand, historically low remittance and garment order cancellation. There is a minimal social safety net, and losing jobs and income can easily tip a family into starvation. A recent survey showed that 51% of the households nationwide, and over 88% of the urban poor currently have no income.


We need to do something, and by buying a Lost Stock box, you’re helping families who have been impacted by the virus and the effects on the garment industry. With every Lost Stock box bought, we’re able to support a worker and their family for a week through our partnership with SAJIDA Foundation, an NGO working tirelessly to help the poorest in Bangladesh.


Infections are on the rise, so we’re working with SAJIDA Foundation to ensure that support is delivered in safe and efficient ways. Instead of food parcels distributed in the community, which could result in gatherings that spread the virus and increase infection rates, SAJIDA will be distributing food vouchers to families in need. This means that recipient families can choose products for their specific needs, for instance, if they need baby products. It will also allow better social distancing.


We’ll be keeping you updated on the situation as it changes.


Thank you again for your support. It means so much to families in critical need right now.


Image credit: SAJIDA Foundation

*Statistic from SAJIDA Foundation


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