Lost Stock diaries: day 17

Wow, we’ve reached over 80,000 Lost Stock boxes sold!

So many people in the UK are buying a box and spreading the word, which is just amazing to see.

It may only be Wednesday, but we’ve done a lot this week already. Channel 5 News covered us on Monday night focusing on how we’re connecting consumers to the products cancelled by leading brands to support garment workers. We’ve been featured in lots more newspapers and magazines and are particularly proud of our double page spread in the Guardian on Saturday



Plus, enquiries are coming in from far and wide. We’ve had requests from over 4,500 people regarding adding shipping to other countries, from Australia and Russia to Germany and Mauritius! We’re blown away by all the different countries we’re seeing requested, and we are hoping to open up shipping to more regions in the future. If you would like us deliver to where you live, then just fill in our form here.

Our social media channels are buzzing with updates, and we are also getting lots of interesting questions coming through. Today I’m hosting an “Ask me Anything” session on Instagram, so come join us there if you can.

A lot of our time is spent on logistics, which may not be the most glamourous part of life at Lost Stock, but it is crucial to make sure all 80,000 boxes ordered so far get delivered over the next 6-8 weeks, and that we can keep supporting our amazing NGO partner, SAJIDA Foundation

We are also working on some exciting plans for how to optimise your contribution with your Lost Stock box and increase your impact, so stay tuned for more news...

Cally & Team Lost Stock


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Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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