Lost Stock diaries: day 4

Over 8,000 boxes sold to date.

It’s the fourth day of Lost Stock being live, and it’s hard to even describe the buzz we’re seeing. The response has been incredible. 

We've had some amazing coverage from Popsugar, Glamour UK and Daily Mail’s You magazine, and the traffic from our site shows box sales grew by over 40% yesterday...a huge achievement considering they were already far ahead of our initial expectations. 

It's also been really interesting to see some trends emerging in the type of clothing people are choosing for their boxes. As we expected, it looks like shoppers are veering towards darker and more neutral trends and less towards bright patterns with the majority also opting for classic styles.

The most important thing about this success is that we can help over 8,000 workers and their families in Bangladesh. Families who could be facing destitution.

Here's to the next stage of this fantastic campaign. If you've bought a box we think you're a superstar. Tell your friends and spread the word! 

We'll be back soon with more updates...

Cally & Team Lost Stock

Image credit: Unsplash


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