One for the kids...

When we launched Lost Stock, we started with the aim of supporting as many workers as possible. We set out to generate enough support for 10,000 families, and thanks to the amazing support we have received, just six months later, that number is now over 118,000 which is pretty amazing!

We initially launched with one type of box, selling items from Spring/Summer collections where retailers had seen high cancellations. Following the introduction of these, we asked customers if there was anything they'd like to see more of, and the results were clear: our customers wanted kids’ boxes.

So we got to work to see what we could do and a month or so later we launched Lost Stock kids' boxes. After all, when it comes to retailers cancelling their orders it’s not limited to adult clothing - we've heard from factories with a whole host of kids' clothes that could potentially be going to landfill.

So what do you get with a kid's box...


 Rocking her tutu and top from her Lost Stock box!

Well, with kids' boxes, we're able to include more  with five or more items of clothing in each box. When it comes to kids' boxes, you'll get a mix of items - it won't just be tops. There might be a floaty tutu skirt or a dress for girls and perhaps a long-sleeved top or cute hoodie for boys. 

Colours will be mixed - you won't get all pink for girls and all blue for boys and we'd highly recommend choosing our surprise option as these boxes generally have shorter lead times. So far they are going down a treat, and you can see a few examples on our looks page here.


Holding her full Lost Stock haul!

So buy a kid's box today and treat a little one with some great new threads. They'll get some lovely clothes, and you'll be helping a family in Bangladesh at a time when there's so little other support available.

What's not to love!


Amazing clothes from popular brands at a great price.

Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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