It's not a box... It's a bag!

Packaging matters. We want your Lost Stock order to make a positive impact on the world - from helping workers to not damaging the environment. That’s why we have some news about your Lost Stock box... or rather... your Lost Stock bag!


When we started the Lost Stock initiative a few weeks ago (how time has flown!) we planned to pack Lost Stock orders in cardboard boxes. As we’ve been working closely with factories and logistics partners gathering cancelled stock from factories in Bangladesh, India and other places, we began to realise that boxes aren’t the best option in this situation. And with the amazing demand for Lost Stock clothing from so many lovely people all around the world, we need to be able to ship packages around the globe in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

That means your Lost Stock package is going to arrive in a beautifully designed, 100% compostable bag, instead of in a box!

The bags are branded with our lovely logo, filled with exciting items we hope you’ll love, and a little message about how you are helping workers in Bangladesh.

Find out more about why we’ve gone for a bag, not a box:

Bags are 100% compostable

We have chosen 100% compostable packaging, made from eco-certified materials that will decompose completely. This means less impact on the environment, and the best compostable bags available.

Just make sure that you dispose of the bags in your compost, food bin or garden waste bin. As with all biodegradable packaging, the bags will not decompose properly if discarded in landfill. It is always worth checking with your local authority on how to properly dispose of the bag in your area, as this can differ depending on where you live.

Bags are better for packaging logistics

Lost Stock is different to other online shops. Instead of goods being produced, packaged and shipped from one factory, then stored in warehouses either in the origin country or in the destination country, where they are shipped directly to customers when they order - at Lost Stock we do things differently.

Your Lost Stock bag may consist of items from multiple different factories, and even different countries. We are packing in batches to be as efficient as possible for shipping reasons, avoiding vast empty shelves and warehouse operations, and bags offer us much more flexibility. They mean that your items will get packed up safely, quickly and in batches that will be going out as soon as they’re ready.

Bags are easier to transport

When packing up 100,000 Lost Stock orders, bags offer a massive advantage over boxes: They take up less room. No matter how much you try, packing in boxes will lead to transporting air. Compostable bags are durable and can be compressed without damage to the packaging or the contents, which means we can transport a lot more in less space. Plus, there’s nothing sadder than a crumpled cardboard box that has flown halfway around the world!

This is much better for the environment, and also a lot more cost-effective, which is important to us as we are trying to ensure that we support as many workers as possible with each order.

Bags look great

We’ve designed our bags to be easy to recognise and a delight to receive. We’d love to see you share them on social media, so use the hashtag #loststock to share the bags and the clothes you get!

Let us know what you think

We hope you like our Lost Stock bags. We are continuing to review our processes to make the best decisions on shipping and packaging, weighing up all the important factors to get the best results for the environment, for the people we work with and for you, our customers, so we welcome your feedback - let us know what you think here.


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Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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