Surprise! It's a Lost Stock box...

Have a friend or family member who could do with a bit of a pick me up?

Know a key worker who's incredibly busy right now and deserves a treat?

Many people who have been buying Lost Stock boxes are actually continuing the streak of altruism and buying a Lost Stock box for someone else; some people are ordering 5+ which is brilliant to see. 

It's easy to order a box and get it sent elsewhere to someone. All you need to know is their style and rough taste. It's a great way to say thanks as well as do some good. Plus, if you need some style advice, our friendly customer service team can advise on the best choices.  

Alternatively, responding to a huge amount of requests from our users, we've just launched gift vouchers for Lost Stock! This will allow you to treat someone easily by sending them the voucher by email. They just need to redeem it online with their own style preferences. 

Other top gift ideas to send to a friend compiled by our team:

1. The non-alcoholic tipple

If you're getting a little sick of the booze, then there's a range of delicious non-alcoholic aperitifs out there. These make such a nice gift for a friend and can be sent by post - our favourites are Seedlip and Everleaf.

2. A book

A lot of people have substantially more time on their hands, so why not send your favourite book. Lots of bookshops are offering online delivery so you can support local businesses too. 

3. A facemask (but not that kind!)

There's nothing more relaxing than a facemask in the bath! Plus they're light, so really easy to pop in an envelope then send off in the post. 

Have you bought a Lost Stock box for a friend? 

If so, do tag us! We're a social bunch, and we love to hear about all the good deeds people are doing.


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