Lost Stock for Kids

For £35 you get at least 5 amazing kidswear items, and it’s easy to choose preferences so that you get clothes your kids will love. Just like with the standard Lost Stock box, every kidswear pack supports a family of four for a week in Bangladesh, through our partners, SAJIDA Foundation.  

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What to expect

The clothes will be a mix of different types of clothes - from t-shirts and tops, trousers to dresses and even outerwear in some cases. All the clothes will have been hand-selected by our buying team, and matched to your preferences as much as possible, so that you’ll get something you and your kids will love.

Choosing your preferences

For kids, can choose bright & colourful or neutral, pastel and dark colours. The bright and colourful clothes will be just that - brighter options which may be a range of vivid colours, from reds and blues to yellows, greens and pinks (to mention just a few options). If you select the neutral, pastel and dark option, you’ll find more muted colours in your delivery; white, greys and blacks, often paired with lighter hues and beiges.

Kidswear options come in age ranges from 4-14 years. You can see the size guide for kids here, so you can choose the best option for your child.

A lot of the clothes from Lost Stock will be suitable for both boys and girls. Girls’ parcels may have dresses, which you won’t find in the boys’ selection. Some colour options may be traditionally more suited for boys or for girls, but you’re very unlikely to get a box full of for instance just blue or just pink items!

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Amazing clothes from popular brands at a great price.

Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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