Lost Stock order logistics

We started Lost Stock to address a critical problem as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Vast amounts of clothes were cancelled by retailers, and needed a new home. With items potentially going to landfill, while factory workers were losing income or being laid off - our mission is simple - help workers who have no safety net and buy stock that could potentially go to landfill. It means we can get awesome clothes to people like you!

While the mission is simple, the operations and logistics of working with multiple factories in areas heavily impacted by COVID-19 is quite complex. We’re working hard to source and buy great items and matching preferences to what you’ve ordered in your Lost Stock box. As we purchase and and assemble the Lost Stock parcels, the most efficient way to do this is based on a number of factors, not just by date of order placed.

Working a little bit differently allows us to find products we think you’ll love, while helping the most amount of factories and factory workers. The way we are doing this means we create ‘waves’ of orders, depending on the items from each factory and the logistics of getting everything together. Another thing to note is that all products need to be delabelled, which means that the original brand label is removed. Some items are slightly more time-consuming to delabel - such as delicate items in satin and silk.

What does this mean for your order? 

We are assembling, packing and shipping orders as quickly as possible. With different factors playing a part, including the preferences you’ve chosen, the factories each item comes from, the materials and delabelling process and the logistics of getting everything in one place, it means that you may see your order arrive before or after your friend who ordered on the same day as you. If you have ordered more than one Lost Stock box, you might get them at different times, even if you ordered them at the same time. 

It also means that as we build the boxes as quickly as possible, dependent on these factors - we don’t do this chronologically therefore A/W boxes may arrive before S/S boxes.

Working this way allows us to make sure we’re choosing the right clothes for you, as well as being as efficient as possible in helping factories and ensuring that the support from your order gets delivered to the people who need it.

We’ll always send tracking links as soon as we have them, so that you can track where your parcel is once it’s been dispatched. 

By working this way, and tackling orders based on preferences and sizes it enables us to get the right stock to you, tailored to your preferences and hopefully sending you clothes you’ll love!


Amazing clothes from popular brands at a great price.

Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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