Welcome to Lost Stock!

Firstly, if you're joining us here you clearly have great taste in podcasts. Nice job! We can't thank the hosts enough for telling you about our mission. You already know the basics, but now that you're here, let us tell you a little more about Lost Stock. 


What is Lost Stock?

At the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, leading brands and retailers cancelled orders for over $2bn worth of completed clothes in countries like Bangladesh, with no payment. This resulted in over 1.28m garment workers losing their jobs and 928m garments potentially ending up in landfill. 

That's where we come in. 

With Lost Stock, you can make a real impact. By buying a Lost Stock box, you can save at least 3 items of clothing from going to waste, get a great deal on new clothing and, most importantly, each box provides a week's worth of support to a family in Bangladesh through our NGO partner, SAJIDA Foundation. 



How can I get involved?

Since launching our Spring/Summer Lost Stock boxes, we now offer Kidswear and our NEW Autumn/Winter box, getting you ready for colder days. 

When we started this initiative, we aimed for 50,000 orders by the end of 2020. Already, we've had over 117,000 orders allowing us to provide 117,000 weeks' worth of support to families who have been affected by cancelled orders. With your help, we can continue to help and bring some good to an otherwise difficult year. 

Are you ready to help?

Let's get started!


Amazing clothes from popular brands at a great price.

Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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