Clothes Swapping with Nuw

Swapping clothes has always been a fun part of our lives, whether that's raiding our sister's wardrobe or trading outfits with friends ahead of the next night out. That's the spirit that Nuw brings, the excitement of clothes that are new to you, but without the environmental impact of brand new clothes.

Lost Stock has partnered with Nuw to allow customers in the UK and Ireland to get an incredible 2 months free membership on the Nuw app - including unlimited swapping and sharing! So if your Lost Stock order isn't quite right for you, you can swap on Nuw for free.

Find out more about how it works from Aisling, Founder of Nuw. She has answered some of our burning questions; on Nuw, swapping, and their favourite subject, sustainability!

What is Nuw?

Nuw is a clothes sharing app and community on a mission to reduce fashion's environmental impact by giving new life to the clothes that already exist in our wardrobes. With Nuw you can borrow and lend beautiful clothes not getting the love they deserve, or choose to permanently swap pieces and find something 'nuw' to you!

On Nuw you can Swap and Borrow clothes, how do these options work?

Swapping is a permanent trade of pieces from your wardrobe, whereas borrowing is a temporary lending of clothes on the platform. 

Borrowing is great for an event like a wedding, or anything short term. Nuw is all about community, so in order to borrow, you need to upload something that you yourself would like to lend. These are often pieces you do love and want to keep, but they're not getting the wear they deserve.

For swapping, these are items that you're permanently ready to part with. You upload the pieces you'd like to swap and you'll receive either a gold or silver token for. You can then trade these tokens for pieces on the platform. 

In what countries can I use Nuw? 

Nuw is split into two regions - mainland Britain, and Northern Ireland and Ireland. This is to reduce the environmental impact that overseas postage between these locations could cause. 

Can I borrow from people in different cities?

Yes absolutely! If you're swapping with someone nearby, we recommend meeting up to swap (safely, of course!) to avoid the environmental impact of postage, but if you're not in the same city we recommend UPS in mainland Britain and Parcel Motel if you're in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Can you tell us more about the environmental impact of fashion?

Globally, fashion is more polluting than international flights and maritime shipping combined. This is a massive environmental impact.

Fashion is particularly polluting for three reasons. The first is over-production, we're just producing too many items of clothing. The second is the resources involved, for example the amount of water used in the production of fabrics. The third is the chemical processes used, for example to dye clothing. 

What is the circular economy?

Currently we're functioning in a linear economy, and we want to move to a circular economy. A linear economy is where we take resources and make things, and they don't often get used enough or can't biodegrade to go back into the environment. With a circular economy we're designing with the end in mind. If you're making clothing or you're purchasing something sustainably made, you intend for this at some point to go back into the earth in a safe and natural way. This is what we're working towards.

How do I get my Nuw discount code as a Lost Stock shopper? 

Click here to find out how to apply your discount code for two months free membership on Nuw, including instructions for iOS and Android devices. 

What happens at the end of my trial period?

Your subscription will auto-renew at the end of your 2 months free trial, so if you do want to cancel you'll need to go into your subscriptions in your app store to manage your subscriptions.

Click here to unlock your 2 months free membership and download the Nuw app, then start swapping and sharing your wardrobe!


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