Kidswear is here!

When we first launched Lost Stock, we focused on clothes for adults - mostly tops, which are always in demand, easy to wear and often high on the list of clothes cancelled by major brands when the impact of COVID-19 on shops became apparent. As we have been working with factories in Bangladesh, India and elsewhere, we’ve also been presented with a huge amount of quality clothes for kids that we know customers will love.

So many of our existing audience requested kidswear, so we’re delighted to announce that we’ve launched kidswear on Lost Stock!

Just like with the standard Lost Stock box, every kidswear parcel supports a family of four for a week in Bangladesh, through our partners SAJIDA Foundation. 

For £35 you get 5 - five! - amazing kidswear items, and it’s easy to choose preferences so that you get clothes your kids will love. The clothes will be a mix of different types of clothes - from t-shirts and tops, trousers to dresses and even outerwear in some cases. All the clothes will have been hand-selected by our buying team, and matched to your preferences as much as possible, so that you’ll get something you and your kids will love.

Get your Lost Stock for Kids here - it’s so easy! 

Why kids?


We’ve heard some incredibly positive feedback from customers (existing and potential) who would love to see kidswear on Lost Stock. One of the main reasons we’re choosing kidswear as our next product range is because a lot of factories have seen clothes for children cancelled by major brands and retailers - we want to save these clothes from potentially ending up landfill. But that’s not all - there’s a number of reasons why kidswear is the natural next step. Here’s just a few...

Kids are (sometimes) less fussy dressers

The beauty of childrenswear is that they usually don’t need to choose their exact items themselves to be happy. Our Lost Stock for Kids parcels are filled with quality items, originally destined for some of the most popular brands on the market, and you’re sure to find items your child will love. Plus, you can also swap or share with friends and family - just another way to make your Lost Stock order continue to make a difference.


They grow up so fast

Getting the most for your money is even more important with children, who seem to grow out of their clothes at record speed. With 5 items for £35, you’ll get quality clothes at a great price. With a selection of age ranges, you can order ahead for your growing little one, so that you have clothes ready for when they hit that next growth spurt. See our size chart for kidswear here for more information, 


Kids love surprises

Getting a bag of clothes in the mail is always exciting. Order a Lost Stock parcel for your child, and look at the excitement in their face when they open it. And if you order the ‘Surprise me!’ option, it’ll be even more fun to see what they get.

There’s a lot of great clothes available

Many factories in Bangladesh and India produce fantastic childrenswear, which in many cases has been cancelled by the retailers who were supposed to buy it. These clothes are now taking up space in warehouses and causing challenges for factories and workers who have not been paid from the original retailers. 

With Lost Stock for Kids you get 5 kidswear items for just £35, in your chosen style and age range. It’s a  deal you won’t want to miss - and you’re doing good at the same time.

Clothes make a great gift

Children always need clothes. If you’ve got friends with children and you just don’t know what to get them - buy them some clothes that they’ll love! It helps out hard-pressed parents that have a million other child-related outgoings and means that your fashionable little friends have something new to wear when they return to school or can start seeing their buddies again. You can even order a few Lost Stock for Kids parcels to have in handy for upcoming birthdays or unexpected events when you need a gift that’s ready to go!

Order Lost Stock for Kids now

It’s super easy to do - choose if you want to buy boys’ or girls’ clothing, choose your colour option (bright and colourful or neutrals, pastels and darks) and pick the right age range. 

Have a look at our size guide for kids to make sure you choose the best option - and if you’re in doubt, aim for a size or two up, so they can grow into them if necessary.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

PS: You can find more about kidswear in our FAQs.

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