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How Lost Stock works

Lost Stock matches up clothes that retailers have cancelled with people who are looking for a great deal - and who also want to do something positive to help factory workers. At the same time, this means we can avoid brand new clothes going direct to landfill.

Working out your style

T-shirts hung up on a rail

Shopping with Lost Stock is different from other online shopping experiences. Instead of choosing your item, you tell us about your style, and we use our algorithms to match your style to the clothes we are buying from factories that have seen their stock orders cancelled without warning.

Do you prefer graphic prints or plain? Are you a fan of neutrals or colour?

As part of the order process, we'll ask you a few simple questions like these about your style. You can read more about what all the options mean here. We won't be able to match everything to your exact taste, but we'll do our very best to find you great things that you'll like. 

We've also included a size chart so you can work out your fit. Because Lost Stock clothes come from a range of different factories, and they were destined for different brands, the size options are probably broader than what you are used to. You can read more about sizes here.

Putting together your order

Once you've answered the style questions, we use our algorithms to work out your preferences and carefully select pieces (mostly tops and t-shirts), especially for you. These are all items destined for shops and brands on the high street, and we've worked to source the best stock from around the globe to suit your style. 

To find out more about the retailers who have cancelled clothing orders from factories in Bangladesh, see this update from ITV

We're packing up some amazing items, from t-shirts and blouses to shirts and jumpers, and there may even be a jacket or a dress if you're lucky. You won't see the items of clothing before you get them, but we use your preferences to match clothes to what you've told us you like.

A great deal while doing good

Lost Stock Helping people

You'll receive great products originally destined for some of the biggest retailers on the high street. You'll get a fantastic discount of 50% off the retail price, with at least 3 items selected by our team for quality and style. And you make a substantial donation that helps workers survive in Bangladesh

When you order from Lost Stock, every single purchase supports a worker and their family in Bangladesh for a week, providing them with food, hygiene products and vital supplies through our collaboration with SAJIDA Foundation. 

Lost Stock works with SAJIDA Foundation to support workers and families who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh. Find out more about 

Getting your delivery

Now comes the hard part - the wait. Because Lost Stock buys stock from multiple different factories in Bangladesh, India and other countries, where large clothing orders cancelled by major brands and retailers, during a global pandemic, the shipping process takes a little longer. We estimate it will take around 6-8 weeks from when you placed your order to get your delivery on your doorstep. You can think of it like buying a present for your future self - while making a difference to the lives of people who have been badly impacted by COVID-19. We're doing everything we can to make sure the buying, packing and shipping process is both efficient and ensures the health and safety of everyone we work with. You can read more here about why Lost Stock deliveries take a little longer - and we appreciate your patience and your support. You're doing something great to make a difference in difficult times. Thank you!


Amazing clothes from popular brands at a great price.

Every Lost Stock box sold supports a worker and their family for one week.

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